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(Scheduled downtime (Import from wikitravel.org/fr))
merci, j'ai precede quelques discussions et est cree cela :[[Project:Modèles/Espace Utilisateur/Boîte Utilisateur]] voyez, jugez, blamez...etc [[Utilisateur:(WT-fr) Jonathaneo]]
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Wikitravel's web and database servers will be offline for approximately two hours on Friday, 9 February 2007. We're moving the servers to a new co-location facility with better network bandwidth. This should improve the access for most Wikitravellers.
Status of the Wikitravel servers will be kept up-to-date on http://twitter.com/wikitravel and on irc://irc.freenode.net/wikitravel . I've updated the [[MediaWiki:Sitenotice]] here, but I'd appreciate if an administrator could translate it into French. --[[Utilisateur:(WT-fr) Evan|(WT-fr) Evan]] 8 février 2007 à 08:50 (EST)