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([en] Moving multilingual coordination to shared: (Import from wikitravel.org/fr))
Salut Julien, je t'ai encore faussé compagnie quelques temps sur Wikitravel, mais me voila de retour. Wow, il y a eu quelques changements! A bientot! --[[Utilisateur:(WT-fr) Quirk|(WT-fr) David]] 20 avril 2006 à 04:40 (EDT)
== [en] Moving multilingual coordination to shared: ==
Julien, sorry for the English, but I want to make myself clear. There's been a problem in the past for Wikitravel in having en: as the central discussion place for technical issues and language policy. Now that we have a shared: wiki, it makes sense to shift discussions that affect all Wikitravellers to that more "neutral" space.
There's some discussion on the matter at [[:en:Project talk:Language version policy]] and [[:en:Project talk:Technical infrastructure policy]]; I'd love to hear your opinion. --[[Utilisateur:(WT-fr) Evan|(WT-fr) Evan]] 6 juillet 2006 à 11:33 (EDT)