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[en] crappy English response because I'm lazy (Import from wikitravel.org/fr)
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([en] crappy English response because I'm lazy (Import from wikitravel.org/fr))
:: Anyway I am not so sure your website should be in Wikitravel. Our aim is not to register all people renting someting is all the cities over the World. I consider you add this link to the guide because you're involved in the busisness. I' don't think we can accept that. I'm going to ask the others administrators their oponion. [[Utilisateur:(WT-fr) Rikouman|(WT-fr) Julien]] 15 fév 2006 à 11:49 (EST)
:::[en] Sorry for the English; I just don't have the French in me right now.
:::Apartment listings typically aren't put into Wikitravel pages. Please don't add them back without discussing here first. --[[Utilisateur:(WT-fr) Evan|(WT-fr) Evan]] 15 fév 2006 à 13:59 (EST)