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* [[Wikivoyage:Collaboration du mois|<abbr title="Candidates for Collaboration of the Month">Collaboration du mois</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Expéditions|<abbr title="This is the index page for Expeditions, our specific, task-oriented projects for improving our guides.">Expéditions</abbr>]]
* [[WikivoyageAide:PagesRecommandations needinget imagesrègles à suivre|<abbr title="This pageis containsthe aindex/summary listpage offor pages which haveWikivoyage's nopolicies imagesand yetguidelines.">PagesRecommandations needinget imagesrègles</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:PoliciesDemandes d'articles|<abbr title="This is the index/summary pageSuggestions for Wikivoyage'sarticles policiesto andbe guidelinescreated.">PoliciesDemandes d'articles</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:RequestsDemandes forde guides commentlinguistiques|<abbr title="ThisSuggestions isfor aphrasebooks placeto Wikivoyagersbe can request more attentioncreated for aother discussion or issue that might otherwise go unnoticedlanguages.">RequestsDemandes forde guides commentlinguistiques</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:RequestedNominations articlesdes scripts|<abbr title="SuggestionsThis page is for articlesnominations toand bediscussions createdfor new scripts/bots.">RequestedNominations des articlesscripts</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:RequestsNominations fordes articles mapsétoilés|<abbr title="RequestsThis page is for customnominations mapsand discussions on promoting articles to bestar createdstatus.">RequestedNominations des articles mapsétoilés</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:VotesPages forà deletionsupprimer|<abbr title="This page is for proposing and discussing the deletion of articles. There are currently {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Vfd}} pages nominated.">VotesPages forà deletionsupprimer ({{PAGESINCATEGORY:VfdPage proposée à la suppression}})]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Requests for phrasebooks|<abbr title="Suggestions for phrasebooks to be created for other languages.">Requested phrasebooks</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Roadmap|<abbr title="This page is a central place for tracking certain ideas and having discussions regarding new features for Wikivoyage in the future.">Roadmap</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Script nominations|<abbr title="This page is for nominations and discussions for new scripts/bots.">Script nominations</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Star nominations|<abbr title="This page is for nominations and discussions on promoting articles to star status.">Star nominations</abbr>]]
* [[Wikivoyage:Votes for deletion|<abbr title="This page is for proposing and discussing the deletion of articles. There are currently {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Vfd}} pages nominated.">Votes for deletion ({{PAGESINCATEGORY:Vfd}})]]
* [[Wikivoyage:World cities|<abbr title="Lists of significant world cities which should have articles on Wikivoyage.">World cities</abbr>]]
|'''<abbr title="MediawikiLes pages canMediawiki peuvent être onlymodifiée beuniquement alteredpar byles administratorsadministrateurs.">Mediawiki pages</abbr>'''<small>
* [[MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist|<abbr title="Local list of spammy URLs which are blocked from being added to our articles.">Spam blacklist</abbr>]]
* [[MediaWiki:Spam-whitelist|<abbr title="Local exception list of URLs which are on the global spam blacklist but which have been approved for addition to our articles.">Spam whitelist</abbr>]]
* [[MediaWiki:Sitenotice|<abbr title="The site notice appear at the top of all pages, used for sitewide announcements.">SiteBandeau noticede Site</abbr>]]
|'''<abbr title="TheseCes externalsites websitesWeb haveexternes variousfournissent usefuldivers toolsoutils andet informationinformations utiles pour Wikivoyage.">Pages/outils externes</abbr>'''<small>
* <abbr title="ThisCette mapcarte showsmontre theles locationsemplacements ofde alltoutes les destinations whichqui haveont anun article onsur Wikivoyage.">[ Carte des articles de WV]</abbr>
* [[meta:Wikivoyage|<abbr title="The WikivoyageLa page onWikivoyage sur Meta containscontient des somestatistiques statisticset anddes generalinformations informationgénérales regardingsur thele projectprojet.">meta:Wikivoyage</abbr>]]
* [[meta:Wikivoyage/Lounge|<abbr title="The WikivoyageLe Lounge onWikivoyage sur Meta isest thel'endroit placepour fordiscuter discussingdes issuesquestions whichqui affectaffectent alltoutes languageles versions oflinguistiques de Wikivoyage.">meta:Lounge</abbr>]]
* [[meta:Wikivoyage/Summit|<abbr title="la page du sommet contient un rapport mensuel de chaque version linguistique de WV.">meta:Summit</abbr>]]
* <abbr title="Bugzilla isest ourle resourcelieu forpour reportingrapporter bugsles andbogues errorset andles forerreurs requestinget newde featuresdemander de nouvelles fonctionnalités.">[ Bugzilla]</abbr>
* <abbr title="ThisCette page hasdonne ades wealthinformations of statistical andstatistiques comparative informationconcernant regardingtoutes allles languageversions versionslinguistiques ofde Wikivoyage.">[ MultilingualStatistiques statisticsMultilingues]</abbr>
* <abbr title="This is a simplemore complex tool for finding pages with twogiven orcombinations more givenof categories and templates.">[ CategoryCatScan intersection2.0]</abbr>
* <abbr title="This is a more complex tool for finding pages with given combinations of categories and templates.">[ CatScan 2.0]</abbr>
* <abbr title="Free Image Search Tool - This page offers a variety of search possibilities related to images.">[ FIST]</abbr>
* <abbr title="This page gives an overview of a given users editing behavior.">[ X's edit counter]</abbr>
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