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==Autres options==
IfSi notpour havingvous yourne contributionspas undermettre thevos GFDLcontributions issous unacceptableGFDL toest youinacceptable, foret someque reason,vous andne youpouvez can'tpas waitattendres thequelques fewmois monthsjusqu'a untilla the newnouvelle version ofde thela "by-sa"?? comessorte outqui that would besera compatible withavec thela GFDL, thereil arey a couple of differentplusieurs optionspossibilitées.
*Vous pouvez contacter la [http://www.fsf.org/ Free Software Foundation] (FSF), authors of the GFDL, and [http://www.creativecommons.org/ Creative Commons], authors of the by-sa license, and let them know that the fact that their licenses don't mix is causing you difficulty.
*YouVous canpouvez utiliser la [[Project:dual licensing|dualdouble licenselicence]] yourpour workvos underparticipations, both thela "by-sa"?? andet thela GFDL. NoteNotez thatque thiscela makescomplique la collaboration between Wikitravellers moreentre difficultWikitvoyageurs, and requires some attention by you to the stipulations of the GFDL.
*You can choose not to contribute to Wikitravel. We're sorry our goals don't align with yours, but we hope you can make a contribution somewhere else!